Gadgets Covered

Cover4insurance can provided insurance for all your gadgets, not just the main flashy ones but the essential accessories as well things such as:

  • Bluetooth devices.
  • Head phones.
  • iPods / MP3 players.
  • Kindles and ebook readers.
  • Multi media / MP4 players.
  • Hand held games.
  • video glasses.



Accidental Damage.
Essential ✔ / Essential Plus ✔ / Premier ✔
Essential ✔ / Essential Plus ✔ / Premier ✔
Accidental Loss.
Essential X / Essential Plus ✔ / Premier ✔
Essential ✔ / Essential Plus ✔ / Premier ✔
Malicious Damage.
Essential X / Essential Plus X / Premier ✔
Fraudulent Use.
Essential X / Essential Plus X / Premier ✔
Essential ✔ / Essential Plus ✔ / Premier ✔
Download Cover.
Essential (optional) / Essential Plus (optional) / Premier ✔


£5·67 / month or £57.08 / year
Essential Plus:
£6·17 / month or £62·79 / year
£7·13 / month or £71·56 / year
(premiums are for one gadget insured online and prices are correct as of 26/05/2016)

Security tips for your gadgets

  • Security tips to protect your Blue Tooth Headset

    1. Keep it in sight – Blue tooth head sets are small and easily get lost or stolen. Therefore when in a coffee shop or in a public place leave it in a secure pocket and not on the table in front of you where it can be easily stolen.
    2. Vehicle – Thieves are always on the look out therefore don’t give them a reason to break into your car. Take your blue tooth headset with you at all times and do not leave it on your seat or dashboard.
    3. Pass code – When pairing with devices always use an 8 or more letter pin code. This makes it harder to crack. For speed purposes people often put a pass code like 1234 which gives a hacker easy access to your device.
    4. Insurance – Please ensure to insure your blue tooth headset. Nowadays replacing a Blue tooth headset can become quite costly therefore cover4mobilephones have put together 3 different types of insurance policies to provide our customers with choice on the type of cover they require. Cover is offered for your Blue tooth headset against accidental damage, theft, loss, breakdown, worldwide cover and a variety of other cover options.
  • Security tips to protect your Headphones

    1. Keep in sight – Nowadays Headphones can cost up to a couple of hundred pounds therefore be sure to keep your Headphones where you can see them and do not leave them unattended. Thieves are always looking for an opportunity to pounce so do not make there job easy.
    2. Volume management – Sometimes music really does sound better when it’s louder. However researchers say that listening to music at over 70% of the headphones maximum volume can cause serious ear damage. Having them loud can also make you vulnerable to your surroundings and can give a thief the chance to sneak up on you.
    3. Case – Consider purchasing a case for your headphones. Therefore when you have finished listening to music you can store them safely and not on the floor or your bed where they are likely to get damaged.
    4. Put them away – You often see people walking around with headphones around there neck when they are not listening to them. Be sure to put them away in a bag or inside pocket. A thief can run past and snatch them off your neck at the first opportunity.
    5. Insurance – Be sure to get some suitable insurance in place for your headphones. Nowadays headphones can cost hundreds of pounds to replace therefore companies like cover4mobilephones have put together a fully comprehensive policy to cover your headphones against things such as accidental damage, theft, accidental loss and breakdown which can save you hundreds in the long run.
  • Top 10 security tips for IPod / MP3 Player safety

    1. Volume control – Manage the volume you listen to your IPod / MP3 player at. Researchers say listening to your device at a volume over 70% than the maximum can cause serious damage to your ears. Plus if you have your earphones too loud you cannot hear passing traffic or thieves sneaking up behind you.
    2. Marking – Consider marking your IPod / MP3 player with ultraviolet pens. By placing your name and postcode on the back this can help police track stolen goods or even lost goods.
    3. Pass code lock – Consider turning the pass code feature on (if applicable) on your IPod / Mp3 player. This can prevent people accessing your personal information like ITunes account details.
    4. Case – Ensure you have a suitable case to protect your IPod / MP3 player. Sometimes they can fall out your pocket or you can drop them by mistake, a good case can prevent permanent damage and scratches.
    5. Location – Always try and keep your IPod in a front pocket when out and about. Leaving it in your back pocket or on the table in front of you can give a thief a chance to steal it.
    6. Unattended – Due to IPods and MP3 players being small and portable unfortunately they are quite easy for thieves to steal. Be sure to keep them with you and not left unattended or even on the table in front of you.
    7.  Brightness – Look at dimming the brightness on your device if possible. If you are walking in the dark high brightness can attract attention to you and thieves may become aware you have a valuable device.
    8. Back up – Make sure you constantly back you IPod / MP3 player up on your home computer. In the event of loss or damage to your device you could lose songs, images, videos and apps as well as the IPod / MP3 player.
    9. Downloads – It’s not cheap to download music from ITunes or other sites however using these sites ensures your IPod / MP3 player remains safe and secure. Downloading free music of certain websites is not only illegal but can infect your device with viruses.
    10. Insurance – Insuring your IPod / MP3 player is a safe option and can save you money in the long run. IPods and MP3 players are small and easily portable therefore can be left open to damage, theft or loss. Cover4mobilephones covers all these instances as well as things such as download cover, breakdown and worldwide cover. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we ensure you have a replacement model in no time.
  • Important security tips to assist Kindle safety

    1. Pass code protection – Be sure to turn the pass code lock option on your kindle on. This means that when you have finished using the kindle the screen will lock and will require a pass code in order for you to reuse. This prevents anyone picking up your kindle from accessing your files. You can turn the pass code lock on by going to ‘Settings’ then ‘Security’.
    2. Keep It in your eye line – Avoid leaving your kindle out of sight or even worse unattended. Because kindles are light and easily transportable unfortunately they become very attractive to thieves.
    3. If stolen – If your kindle is lost or stolen you should immediately change your Amazon account password. Also by reporting the device lost or stolen to Amazon customer services they can de-register your kindle and prevent any unauthorised transactions.
    4. WI-FI Protection – Whilst out and about people tend to connect to local Wi-Fi hotspots. Please ensure you are confident the network is safe as sometimes people can set there WI-FI name to a common name and once you connect they can access your personal information.
    5. Back up files – If your kindle is lost or stolen it’s not nice to think somebody can access all your personal information. Not only has your device gone but so has all your apps and books which you may have paid a quite significant amount for. Please ensure you back up all your data to your home computer.
    6. Case – Purchasing a case can ensure your kindle is protected from scratches and could prevent your kindle from breaking if it is dropped.
    7. Parental control – The kindle also comes with parental control where you can restrict the purchase of new books and apps. By going to ‘settings’ and then ‘parental control’ you will find the option to enable this feature. This can stop young children going online on your kindle and purchasing books and apps which they shouldn’t be.
    8. Downloads – Avoid using online links / tips on how to get free books when really you should be paying for them. These sites often carry viruses which can damage your Kindle.
    9. Insurance – Please be sure to insure you’re Kindle. Nowadays the cost of replacing a Kindle plus all the downloads can be hundreds. By insuring your Kindle with cover4mobilephones essential protection against accidental damage, accidental loss, breakdown, downloads and theft is offered.