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Mobile/Cell Phones

Every year thousands of mobile phones and cell phones are stolen. Incidents can happen when on nights out, burglary from house break-ins, theft from handbags and even when people leave there mobile phones unattended.

There are steps to prevent your mobile phone being stolen as easily as incidents have been occurring. You can consider registering the cell phone to yourself so if it is stolen and found it can be returned back to you. You should also consider phone insurance.

Here are the top 10 tips in how to protect your mobile phone:

  • Pin Codes – Make sure you have a pin code on your mobile phone. This can prevent the thief getting instant access to your phone and running up a high phone bill. Also your contact can remain safe. And hopefully by the time the thief has got into your phone you have alerted the provider and they have blocked it.
  • Aware Of Surroundings – When you use your cell phone be aware of people around you. They could be waiting to sneak up and pinch your phone when you are not at the ready.
  • Essential – If you are walking alone only try and use your mobile phone when necessary. Without thinking you are advertising your mobile phone and letting strangers know you have one. If it is an expensive one, they could follow you and mug you.
  • Protect – You wouldn’t leave say £300 lying on a table in the pub or in the toilets. So why do that with your mobile phone? Protect it the best you can, if it does get stolen at least you know you provided the best type of protection for your cell phone.
  • Strangers – There have been many incidents where a stranger, dressed smartly and look very unsuspicious has asked in a polite way to borrow a mobile phone for a minute to call home. The phone owner obviously steps away to not seen like they are listening in to the call and GONE. The mobile has been stolen and the stranger who was dressed smartly has stolen the mobile phone.
  • Ultra Violet Marking – Consider marking the mobile with an ultra violet pen with your name and postcode on, consider marking underneath the battery or in the top corner of your device. The marking will not be visible in natural light on your cell phone so the thief maybe unaware it is marked. This way if found the police can use a special light to expose the name and postcode.
  • Keep Charged – It can be easy to go on your phone all day playing games and going on applications, this can drain your battery. It is important to keep your phone charged so you have it in case an emergency occurs. Consider taking your phone charger to work or to events to keep it charged.
  • Emails – A lot of mobiles now have the option to pick up emails. Try and delete any important emails which may be on your phone and could have contact details or payment details on.
  • Apps – Modern technology has now allowed cell phones to have a large number of different applications or ‘apps’ as they are better known. Try and avoid having apps on that have bank details on, these apps are quite popular as you can check account activity in a matter of seconds, however would you want a thief to see these details in a matter of seconds.
  • Insurance For Mobiles – With phones getting more and more expensive it is so important to insure your mobile. Therefore if anything does happen you have cover in place to protect you.