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Smart Guide to buying the right Smartphone

It’s a tricky business deciding which smartphone to buy and it’s easy to get distracted by flashy gadgets and gizmos and end up paying for features you don’t need. With so much choice and in such a highly competitive market, there are pros and cons with every model and it’s about finding which is best for you. If you’re put off by the fine details about the advanced technology they use then hopefully this guide will help make things clearer so that when you come to buy, you can make a smart decision.

First of all it’s important to think about the phone’s main usage. If you’ll be using the phone for business purposes; for sending emails, receiving documents and making business calls then you’re likely to prioritise different features than if most of the time you’ll be playing games or tweeting pictures of your cat. But of course with most smartphones it’s possible to do both. Getting a feel for the phone is also important and though it’s true that whichever phone you choose, you’re bound to get used to it after a while; a good tip is to ask to have a play around on your friends phones or go in to a phone shop to see which you find easier and which you enjoy using.

Here are some other things to consider before buying:

Screen Size and Picture Quality

So you don’t want the screen size of a Tamagotchi, but you don’t need a cinema screen either. If you’re going to want to watch videos on your phone often then it’s important to get a phone with a reasonable size screen but also, it’s not just size that matters. The picture quality varies from phone to phone and depending on the technology it uses (LCD or AMOLED), if you’re mainly interested in making calls

Battery Stamina

Battery life isn’t all that important in the modern world of mobiles; across the board, the phones aren’t likely to last much longer than a day before they need recharging and this of course is variable on how much the phone is used. Some smartphones however have introduced battery saving measures, like Sony’s Xperia Z which can be set to shut down battery-zapping apps and makes the phone life last longer. You know how they say that you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat? Well it’s the same with iPhone chargers; one of the benefits of owning the same phone as everybody else is that if you’re out and you forget your charger, you’re more likely to find someone who can help.

Camera Function

If you want megapixels you got them. Many smartphones now have megapixels to rival cameras. In fact Nokia’s 808 Pureview has 41 MP Sensor which far exceeds most Digital SLR Cameras on the market. However, all those megapixels are wasted in unskilled hands so the question is: are you someone hoping to make calls or are you a professional photographer?

Once you’ve worked out which smartphone to go for another primary concern is price. It’s always advisable to shop around whenever you’re buying something and smartphones are no different; the best price often comes down to what network you should go with and what pay monthly plan you choose. Going in to phone shops allows you to play with the phones and help you choose but can cost you more if you’re easily persuaded by friendly shop assistants then it’s perhaps better to compare online when you’re cool headed.

The same also applies for your phone insurance. It’s convenient adding insurance charges to your pay monthly bill but are you getting the best deal? Once your phone has arrived it’s important to make sure it’s covered- it’s impossible to do without a phone these days and smartphone handsets can be expensive to replace. Take a look at our smartphone insurance products which we have kept simple and competitive.

Please give us a call 0844 826 2042* if you have any questions.

*   For our joint protection, calls may be recorded and monitored. Calls will be charged at a maximum 5p a minute from a BT line. Calls from non-BT phone lines may vary. Phone lines are open Monday
     to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm excluding public holidays.
** Offer ends 28/02/2017.
*** Premiums are correct as of 26/09/2016.

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