10 useful security tips to follow for Laptop protection

1) Shut down – It is important to shut your laptop down when it is not in use. This gives the laptop a break and prevents it from overheating.

2) Don’t leave it out of sight– Always keep your laptop with you at all times. Laptops are easily portable and are light objects with high value therefore unfortunately become attractive to criminals.

3) Pass code lock – Ensure your pass code lock is turned on. This prevents people from accessing any of your data without firstly entering a password of your choice.

4) Wi-Fi – Whilst travelling it is common to connect to local WI-FI hotspots, however there are lots of unscrupulous people who purposely name their wireless connection "Linksys," or some other common name in order for people to connect with them. This can give them access to your personal information if you connect. Therefore be sure to be careful when connecting to wireless devices.

5) Storage – Avoid storing your laptop on soft surfaces as this can often block the air vents and cause the laptop to overheat.

6) Further security – Companies now sell alarms for laptops which can further protect your laptop form being stolen whilst travelling. Consider purchasing one if you do a lot of travelling with your laptop.

7) Back up files - If your laptop device is stolen or lost it's bad enough that someone else may be able to access your information. To avoid losing all of the information, make backups of important information and store the backups in a separate location. Not only will you still be able to access the information, but you'll be able to identify and report exactly what information is at risk.

8) Public use – Travelling on public transport alone can be very boring. Therefore people often use this time to catch up on emails, surf the web or complete various work tasks. If possible try and avoid using your laptop in public places as you are advertising to thieves you have a laptop with you. If possible consider a non traditional laptop bag which may be a different shape or size. This can also deter criminals.

9) Markings – Consider marking your laptop with your name with substances such as liquid white out. This will make your laptop unique and easily identifiable if it is stolen.

10) Insurance – Ensure you have your Laptop insured. Laptops can be vital to people’s lives and in the event of loss or damage occurring it can set you back hundreds even thousands of pounds if you are an apple fanatic. Cover4mobiles offer outstanding insurance to protect your Laptop against accidental damage, theft, accidental loss, breakdown and much more.