Laptop ownership knocks TV off the top spot

According to Deloitte’s sixth annual state of the media democracy survey the UK consumers favourite piece of technology is now the laptop (28%) knocking the TV (22%) from its top spot for the first time. (1). The rise in laptop ownership can be due to many of factors, the fact that you can watch TV online and catch up on missed programmes whether it be in your living room, on the train, or even on holiday. Also laptops are easily transportable and can do most things a desk top computer can. There is also the convenience of being able to complete daily tasks on the move; these factors make it quite believable that laptops are becoming a necessity for all types of people.

As laptops are becoming more popular across the UK companies such as Apple are constantly releasing new models with new features in different shapes, sizes and colours to take advantage of the sudden BOOM in laptop purchases. Apples 15-Inch Macbook pro retails at £1,799 (Apple website) which highlights the cost of laptops nowadays. Unfortunately due to the cost and the fact laptops are easily transportable they are becoming highly targeted by thieves. Snuko reported that 97% of stolen laptops are never returned. (2). Many victims of laptop theft are left distraught and utterly disappointed at the fact that there unique data has been stolen and it is quite worrying to think what a criminal can do with your personal information. Despite this, the fact you have to replace the laptop can be the most daunting of all; a sudden payment of over £1,000 can catch any off guard and that is why we are urging you to insure your laptop.

Michael Masterson from, a specialist provider of laptop, smartphone and other gadgets insurance said: ‘Due to the development of laptops and the ever increasing value to replace your model, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people insuring their laptops, Life without a laptop is unbearable for some people, our gadget insurance ensures our customers have a new model quickly, if their old one is lost or stolen, at a price they can afford.

There are a number of insurance providers that can offer great deals and from just £5.12 per month, can provide cover that is a re al help to victims of crime. Companies like Cover 4 Insurance, offer benefits that home insurance policies might not. If you travel a lot and like to take your laptop everywhere; individual gadget insurance can cover you worldwide and against accidental damage, accidental loss, theft, breakdown and download cover.

1) Deloite article 07/2013.
2) Snuko Anti-theft Blog.