10 security tips to protect your IPhone

1) Pass code lock – Ensure your turn your pass code lock on. This prevents people from accessing any of your personal data as they must first enter a 4 digit pass  code to access your phone. 

2) Email Safety – Many people use Iphones to send quick simple emails whilst on the move. This is a great way of communicating whilst on public transport. Consider deleting emails off your IPhone and storing them on yourco puter. That way nobody can access your private information should they get hold of your IPhone.

3) Always keep your phone in your front pocket – Leaving your IPhone on a table in a coffee shop or even in your back pocket leaves it less secure than in a front pocket. An opportunist can run past and swipe your IPhone in a matter of seconds if you become careless with your IPhone.

4) Keep track of all Iphone apps – If your IPhone is lost or stolen ensure you change your facebook, twitter, email passwords. This will help protect friends, family and yourself as much as possible.

5) Delete your text messages – Text messages can reveal all types of information for example party addresses and holiday vacation dates. If some way the thief finds your address they could become aware of when your home is empty. Therefore ensure to delete your text messages and make note of any important information in a dairy at home.

6) Find my Iphone app – Consider installing the find my IPhone app. This tracks the location of your IPhone and could help you find it should it have slipped out of your pocket.

7) Pop Ups – IPhones are ideal for quick internet browsing whilst on the move. Be sure to access your browser settings and turn pop ups off. These can often be virus carriers and can infect your IPhone.

8)  Wi-Fi – Try and avoid connecting to local WI-Fi hotspots or at least forget the network after using it. Good computer hackers can sometime access your data through your past WI-FI connections.

9) VPN - Virtual Private Network. This is the best option for secure and private browsing as this will hide your IP address by sending data packets in encrypted form. You can turn on VPN by going to ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘Network’> ‘VPN’.

10) Insurance – By insuring your IPhone you are not just protecting it against theft; but accidental damage, loss, breakdown and worldwide cover too. Cover4mobiles offer a variety of policies in order to give our customers choice on the cover they as an individual require. By insuring your IPhone you could save yourself hundreds of pounds against the cost of replacing it should the worse happen.