10 security tips to protect your IPad

1) Pass code lock – Ensure your turn your pass code lock on. This prevents people from accessing any of your personal data as they must first enter a 4 digit pass code to access your IPad.

2) Wi-Fi – Try and avoid connecting to local WI-Fi hotspots or at least forget the network after using it. Good computer hackers can sometime access your data through your past WI-FI connections.

3) Don’t leave it unattended – Always keep with you at all time. IPads cost a lot of money therefore people with bad intentions may try and steal it at the first possible chance.

4) Always back up – Like any other electronic device there is a small chance the hardware can get corrupted and all data will be lost. Therefore back your IPad up frequently to keep all apps and data secure. A good solution is iCloud.

5) VPN - Virtual Private Network. This is the best options for secure and private browsing as this will hide your IP address by sending data packets in encrypted form. You can turn this on by going to ‘Settings’>’General’>’Network’>’VPN’.

6) Pop Ups – IPads are ideal for quick internet browsing whilst on the move. Be sure to access your browser settings and turn pop ups off. These can often be virus carriers and can infect your IPad.

7) Storage bags – Consider purchasing a storage bag or case to ensure you are further protecting your IPad getting accidentally damaged or stolen. If the IPad is over your shoulder in a bag it is less likely to be snatched as apposed to you carrying it in your hand.

8) Email Safety – Many people use Ipads to send quick simple emails whilst on the move. This is a great way of communicating whilst on public transport. Consider deleting emails off your Ipad and storing them on your desktop computer or home laptop. That way nobody can access your private information should they get hold of your Ipad.

9) Find my Ipad – You can remotely wipe the device with the help of an free service offered called ‘Find My iPad’ This is perfect for situations where a lost device is gone with no chance of recovery, because it erases anything that is personally identifying such as emails, contacts, texts and apps.

10) Insurance – Please be sure to insure your Ipad. Ipads cost a lot of money and it can be a real struggle replacing them if they go missing. Cover4mobiles can offer excellent insurance which covers theft, accidental damage and loss, breakdown and so much more.