Digital Camcorder Security Tips

1) UV Marking – If you mark your video camera equipment with a UV pen which shows your name and postcode this can help the police track your video camera in the event it gets stolen or lost. Also keep record of your video camera equipment serial numbers at home; this is also useful when tracking your equipment.

2) Eye line – Make sure you do not leave your video camera unattended at any point. If you are not using it ensure it is locked in a safe place. Do not give thieves the chance to steal your video camera.

3) Casing – Look at purchasing a video camera case. This can prevent the camera getting wet or being exposed to heat. Also it can further protect your video camera should you drop it.

4) In your case – When your video camera is stored in its casing make sure the video camera lens is unattached. Damage can often be caused to the thread which attaches the video camera and the lens if too much pressure is applied.

5) Video Camera neck / hand strap – To further protect your video camera you can look at using your video camera strap. This means you can keep the video camera around your neck or attached to your hand when taking videos. Therefore the video camera will always be in your eye line and can protect you from losing it or it getting stolen.

6) Safety pin / Pad lock – Look at placing a safety pin in between the zips on your video camera case. This is something often adopted by backpackers and it ensures that nobody can open your zip say for example in a crowded area. You can even look at using a pad lock which does the same trick.

7) Temperature – Try and avoid leaving your video camera exposed to heat if possible as it can cause damage to the lens or photos already stored on your video camera.

8) Name card – Consider leaving a card in your video camera case with your name and telephone number on. Therefore if your video camera is misplaced or stolen you can be contacted if it has been retrieved. You can also use a product called SuperTag if you are wary of leaving your contact number, this is a small tag which you can attach to your valuables which has a unique reference number for your product which can be quoted when the customer service helpline is rang which is on the tag. You can view the product here:

9) Insurance – Please ensure you have adequate insurance to protect your video camera. If an incident does occur where your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged it can set you back hundreds even thousands to replace your equipment. Cover4insurance offer a affordable video camera insurance policy which covers theft, accidental damage, accidental loss and breakdown.