Insurance for Video Cameras provided by

Cover4mobiles has worked hard to produce an insurance policy to ensure your video camera has the best possible protection.
Our 3 types of policies are designed to cater for individual needs and offer you choice when choosing the best insurance policy for you. 

EssentialEssential PlusPremier
Cover Level£500£750£1,000
Premiums*£5·67 monthly
£57·08 annually
£6·17 monthly
£62·79 annually
£7·13 monthly
£71·56 annually
Accidental Loss×
Malicious Damage××
Fraudulent Use××
Download Coveroptionaloptional

Video cameras give us the opportunity to capture our favourite moments and share with family and friends. Video cameras can range in value and can be used for leisure purposes or by professionals. A good video camera can cost hundreds but someone who is looking for a high tech model can spend up to £1,000 on a more advanced video camera.

This means when you are taking your video camera out and about you are at risk of losing your investment. Accidental damage, theft, breakdown and accidental loss are all potential hazards to your video camera how luckily have come up with suitable, affordable insurance to protect your video camera and provide you with piece of mind comprehensive cover.

* Premiums are correct as of 26/05/2016