SuperTag For Mobile Phones

SuperTag is a handy service offered to protect your possessions.

  • Have you ever lost anything when on a night out?
  • Or walking somewhere?
  • Or even left a possession on the bus?
  • Or do you have any friends or family that have lost a possession?

Also, most importantly, mobile phones these days are not just communication devices, they are like small computers and can have important emails on them, important contact information or even just memories like photos and videos.

Increase The Safety

That can all change with SuperTag. So you start to wonder how the product works. Well here is how:

  1. SuperTag is a small tag or sticker that you can attach to your possessions.
  2. There is a free telephone number on the stickers and the tags to call if a possession is found.
  3. You will have your own unique membership number.
  4. The item will be returned to you by SuperTag if it is found and returned.
  5. The cover also applies worldwide.
  6. Use the tag on valuables such as: Keys, Hand luggage or suitcases.
  7. Use the sticker on valuables such as: A mobile phone, mp3 player or even a camera.
  8. Handy for students as when on nights out at University you can become careless with your possessions, so if you do lose them, the membership number is equivalent to having your name on it.
  9. SuperTag is a cheap simple and affordable product at only £10 for a year with a charge of £1.95 post and package or you can get this great offer for £20 for 3 years.
  10. Tagging your possessions could protect them, although it is not insuring them, it is still going that one step further to keep them safe. 
12  months subscription.

3 years subscription.